Management of translation process

A structured project management concept is taken into account in handling translation projects. As a result of this, the quality of translation service is at par which would be from an in-house localization department. Even if there is urgency , complex delivery and different requirements.

Planning is significant. A proper preparation with appropriate start will bring optimum results. Hence much emphasis is done in project planning.
In consideration with the localization kit, this plan is made having been received from client.It is meant to have resource files,guidelines, material for reference and proper tools for completion of project..

At this point,the project plan is drawn for the project which inclucates the following :
• Complete analysis of project
• Objective outlined
• Deliverables
• Required tasks pinpointed
• Schedule of the project made for different phases of translation. Milestones,QA checks and so on.
• Resources
• Setting up of proper work flow

This management cycle provides a reliable and effective way of handling your projects, ensures respect of delivery dates and high quality. We depend on MS Project to manage projects, monitor work progress, and keep clients updated through systematic status reports.