Right details, with proper and professional document translation

With desktop publishing service, the translated documents ensure your documents are proper and right in any language.With prior existing artwork template or working to obtain localized version,the burden is removed in dealing with formatting in foreign languages and scripts. The text is presented in a polished way which is at par with the original.

Presentation in a global manner

After having your translations we provide a desktop publishing service to ensure your documents are proper and right be it whatever target language and format.Using your existing artwork template, or working with you to create a localised version, we remove the burden of dealing with formatting in foreign languages and scripts. This ensures that the text is presented in a polished format as good as the original.

The following observations are worth noting :

  • Increase in word count : There is a possibility of expansion of the translated document upto 25% when done into the other language.
  • Line Spacing: Spacing line distance may need to be readjusted as the lesser vertical space is used by Asian languages such as Korean and Japanese as compared to latin characters.
  • Layouts of page : Different layouts of page are required for languages such as Hebrew and Arabic since they happen to be written from right-to-left.Hence requiring completely modified page layouts.
  • Numerical Formats: Localized use of currency,time and date.
  • Formats of Punctuation
  • Sets of fonts and character set across platforms and languges.
  • Orthography and capitalization of letters,depending on the language.

The upholding of quality from one translation to another

Proof reading services are done be the document from any source. For translation process proof reading is a must.This ensures content,localisation and clarity. To be at par with in-house style and terminology,reference materials may be referred like previous works in translations, writing styles and glossaries. The proofreading project's quality worked upon is bench marked against ASO-approved quality procedures in control. That is why spellings, grammar,formatting and completeness everything is checked as per the standard.