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As the market expands and new businesses come into fore, so do the translation and interpreting jobs.The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 46% increase in translation and interpreting jobs since 2012 and 2022.

Business Practices

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The school of hard knocks is no way to learn business management skills. Do invest time in getting benefitted from the experience of successful translators and interpreters.

Tips for Buyers

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Avoid costly mistakes. The need to have a right translator or interpreting professional is vital. You will be glad to have been cautious about it later.


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The plateform to carve out your career is here. Irrespective of you being a student or a professional if you have the intuition for translation and interpretation, ATA is just what you can take advantage of.


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To be at the edge of competitive market being aware of the latest trends is pivotal strategy for survival. The intercontinental exchanges call upon for transparency in mutual exchange of information across language barriers.

Professional Development

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The translators and developers get to grow with professionalism just as in other profession like medical, law, accounts and so on.