About UTCT Certification

What is UTCT certification? >>

The UTCT Certification program’s purpose is to endorse professionalism in services. This is to improve individual’s performance and also bring those translators into recognition who really meet the required translation skills. The program was established in 1973.

How to become UTCT-certified >>

UTCT certification is taken through a three hour exam. The exam is designed to evaluate professional level translation skills in a specified source target language combination.

CT designation >>

The UTCT certification is referred by CT designation which translators use to notify. The language pair(s) and direction(s) is taken into account in their certification.

Translators without certification

The translators uncertified are well and professionally competent too. Many a times no certification exam is there for a particular language.The translator of that language is just as professional as a UTCT certified one.

Certification Benefits

Client recognition

UTCT certification depicts skill in translation. This shows professionalism which is carried in our services and garners interest of clients and paves way for new ventures to be explored.

Certification seal >>

The seal identifies the UTCT certification which the translators can take note of. Along with the translator’s name and language combination, it reveals the information required for online verification.

Directory listing >>

An individual's UTCT-certification is designated in UTCT's Directory of Translators and Interpreters..

Voting member status >>

By being a voting member in UTCT, members can voice their say in the administration and decision making of the organisation. This leads to opportunity for members to widen their scope of activity and association in the work.

Steps to UTCT Certification

1. Become an UTCT member >>

For a member to give certification exam he/she must be UTCT member for at least four weeks.

2. Meet eligibility requirements >>

Along with education work experience is required for eligibility for the exam.

3. Complete ethics statement >>

A candidate would need to abide by the UTCT’S code of Ethics and Professional practice by signing a pledge for registering for exam.

4. Register for the exam >>

The registration form needs to be completed along with the payment of $300 and send to UTCT Headquarters no later than two weeks before the exam.

A note about the practice test >>

It is highly recommended to prepare adequately by exam practice test. This would enable to access self-beforehand for the exam.