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The emerging trends, new avenues in businesses, cultural exchanges, merger and acquisitions and so on. There dawns upon a new era as the society evolves through, with us being its integral part. A foremost concern comes into prominence, to be relooked from evolving perspective – A clear understanding in interrelations.

We would like to be listened rather than just heard, comprehended rather than merely read. There comes into focus the nuances of that which surpasses us from rest of the creation - Language. A medium that too in its diverse forms permeating into the social fabric across the globe.

Language barrier is the challenge in mutual understanding which needs to be dealt with delicacy. The diversity of language requires proper inter-lingual interaction, for better understanding and transparency.

We feel privileged to be involved in services in this respect. The facilitation of inter-lingual dialogue by proper translation with apt reproduction of the matter without compromising the mood, expression and subtleness from the source language, is all that has been our hall mark.

Founded in 2003 by Iwona and Ben, Language Connect has grown over time to be one of the top global language providers. As a matter of fact the uniqueness of our services making us stand apart is the precision in the choice of words.

Over years we have dwelled on these core principles, namely:

  • Regards for individual concerns with respect to the entrusted content matter therein.
  • Timely service.
  • Extreme susceptibility to in-pour of any possible feedbacks during the course of service.
  • Adequate preparation in drafting and then revising.

Our operations are global catering 24/7. With implementation of latest technologies in drafting, applications used and so on, we have been successful in delivering cutting edge service in terms of time, and quality as well as diversity of content. Having been recognised with numerous awards we are yet again humbled with the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 award making us to propel furthermost in the optimum quality of service in linguistics and translation.

Getting our clients equipped with the power of language in required terms and forms is a delight for us. Seeing our services yielding utmost satisfaction.

It is a trust garnered over the years out of which is being carved out a unique legacy of ours. It is still on as years pass and for you also to be a part of and witness it as well.

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